Rent Photo Studio

классическая фотостудия с циклорамой

Sova Photo Studio offers 4 affordable, equipped and unique stages, 250 sq.metres right in the heart of Kyiv. Rental rates start from $10 per hour including Light & Grip Equipment, wireless sync, backdrops, modifiers etc. 

Do You need a photo-studio?

Use Sova Studio — it is a good place to create and implement your photo ideas and to execute commercial orders. You are most welcome to our artist- friendly creative environment. The studio’s crew is available to support all your production needs, from installing equipment to post production of your images. You'll find yourself at home and equiped for maximum productivity.

Call 38050 299-0-729 (Julia), or 38099 227-4-226 (Dmitry) to ask questions and book the studio.

Why choose us?

  • Great location – in downtown of Kiev. The studios are walking distance (350 meters) from subway station «Olimpiyskaya».
  • Enterpreting service can be offered.
  • Overall studio rental space is 250 square meters. You may either rent the whole space or choose any of four studios.
  • Professional Studio Lighting equipments are included 
  • Post production room is available to select and improve pictures.
  • A comfortable coffe-room to rest and negotiate
  • free Wi-Fi everywhere
  • 3 chair make-up station, dressing zone, clothing racks 
  • The ceiling height - 4 m. CYC Wall =6*4 м.
  • Strobes (900 J, 600 J, 300 J), soft boxes, curtains, tubes, honeycomb, lightfilters, fabric backgrounds, tripods, monopods, reflectors, umbrellas; object table, etc.
  • Technical assistance from the Kyiv Photography School exprerts

Everything You Need, In One Place & Included into Rent fee

Work schedule :

7 days a week - 10.00 - 20.00. Both whole day or per our rent are available.
Night rentals are discussible.

Rent Professional Photo Studio. Rental fees:

Studio rental  during the week - 300-500 UAH / hour depending on a studio (5 in totall)  

Minimum rental time - Monday to Friday - 2 hours,  weekends - 3 hours.

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Studio Rules & Rental Agreement

  • Rental time ends when the last person in your group walks out of the studio. Please keep this in mind when planning your shoot. If you will need extra time to set up or break down, factor this in to your time.
  • Paper Backdrops: 3ft of backdrop is included with rent. Any dirt, tears or signes of use after first 3 ft will be charged at $3 per ft.
  • Big Crew: Regular studio rental rate includes no more than 10 people in the studio. We’ll charge $5 per each person over 10.
  • Please, clean the studio after your use. If the studio is requiring a major cleaning after your session the cleaning fee will be added and will depend on the amount of work required.
  • This is not a sound proof studio, while other clients are using the facility there is a possibility of noise/distraction like music or speech
  • There is 5% transaction fee on all card transactions.
  • CYC Wall repainting fee is $10.
  • No ALCOHOLIC beverages or DRUGS allowed inside the studio. A $100 fine will be charged for each incident.
  • No Smoking in the studio. Projects involved with smoke have to get studio representatives consent
  • Music is to be kept at reasonable levels and not contain vulgar or offensive lyrics
  • No one will be admitted who is drunk or under the influence of illegal substances
  • No pets allowed without prior consent of a Studio representative